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Nobilis Health

This is not Nobilis Health, the entity that went through Chapter 7.  This is a site for the employees who enjoyed their time at Nobilis.   It was a special group – particularly the Dallas crew!

(from the Nobilis Health website): “Nobilis Health Corp [a former healthcare entity], a recognized healthcare leader and marketing innovator, develops, owns, and partners with ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and physician practices to provide high-yield procedures in the rapidly expanding, minimally invasive, elective surgery market.

Using a unique direct-to-consumer marketing process, Nobilis is able to generate and convert leads and direct patients to personalized care that is quicker, clearer, and more hassle-free than conventional patient acquisition methods.

With headquarters in Houston and Dallas, Texas, Nobilis operates first-class facilities in six states and serves traveling patients from all over the country. Nobilis believes in aggressive but prudent growth through mergers, acquisitions, and the establishment of new brands. The approach has resulted in robust revenue and caseload growth.

Using unique, proprietary technology to fuel streamlined customer acquisition, billing, and physician services, Nobilis brings together parties in the healthcare system that have been misaligned for too long. The success of Nobilis—for physicians, facilities, and patients alike—rests on a multi-pronged commitment to facility management, comprehensive marketing, partner physicians, and the patient experience.”

Nobilis Health: Dallas Bariatric Surgery with Evolve Weight Loss Experts

Summary: Nobilis Health

Based in Houston and Dallas, Texas, Nobilis Health Corp was a key player in the elective surgery sector, overseeing more than 60 care centers. Their strategy combined direct-to-consumer marketing with modern tech solutions for various services.

Bariatric Procedures Offered

In alliance with Evolve Weight Loss Experts, Nobilis Health presented several bariatric surgeries:

  • Gastric Bypass: Rerouting the digestive path.
  • Gastric Band (Lap Band): Banding the upper stomach section.
  • Gastric Sleeve: Creating a tube-like stomach structure.
  • Gastric Balloon: Temporarily reducing stomach volume with a balloon.

This partnership’s central mission was to broaden patient access to these surgeries.

One of the significant advancements in migraine treatment was the result of a strategic partnership between Nobilis Health and Migraine Treatment Centers of America. Their collaboration led to the popularization and implementation of the Omega procedure, a groundbreaking technique that provided immense relief to countless migraine sufferers.

What Is the Omega Procedure?

The Omega procedure is an innovative treatment designed to counteract the debilitating effects of migraines. Utilizing electrical stimulation, the method involved implanting a minuscule battery pack and thin wires beneath the skin. These devices could be remotely activated by the patient, allowing them to disrupt pain signals at the onset of a migraine, often reducing the intensity or even preventing the headache.

Nobilis Health’s Role

Nobilis Health, with its reputation for healthcare leadership and marketing prowess, played a pivotal role in bringing the Omega procedure to the forefront. They utilized their signature direct-to-consumer approach, ensuring that a broad audience became aware of this novel treatment option. Their marketing campaigns reached potential patients who might have been unaware of such a solution, giving them new hope in their battle against migraines.

Moreover, with operations centers in Houston and Dallas, Nobilis Health was strategically positioned to amplify the reach of the Omega procedure, making it accessible to a larger segment of the population.

The Synergy with Migraine Treatment Centers of America

The collaboration between Nobilis Health and Migraine Treatment Centers of America was more than just a business partnership; it was a union of vision and purpose. Migraine Treatment Centers of America brought in-depth knowledge and specialization in migraine care, while Nobilis Health provided the infrastructure and marketing expertise. Together, they ensured that the Omega procedure wasn’t just a medical innovation but a widely accessible treatment option.

In Retrospect

The alliance between Nobilis Health and Migraine Treatment Centers of America around the Omega procedure was a testament to the power of collaboration in healthcare. Their combined efforts introduced and popularized a treatment that offered a new lease on life to many migraine sufferers, leaving an indelible mark on the field of neurology and pain management.

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